President Guo Xiling Extended Condolences to CTI—Our Partner in Japan

Source:crsri Author: Date:2011-04-01

The massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami at northeast coast of Japan have aroused global concern. As a close neighbor, Chinese government and people conveyed their deep condolences to the victims in Japan and expressed heartfelt concern to the disaster relief work.
Professor Guo Xiling, the president of CRSRI, extended his condolences on 15, March to Oshima, director of CTI, our Japanese partner. As a partner in China, we offer our deep condolences and sincere concern to director Oshima and all the colleagues in CTI for the possible losses brought about by the quake and tsunami, said president Guo. He also wished them safe, saying that Japan will surely conquer this natural disaster and rebuild their homes under the great effort of Japanese government as well as the joint support of governments including China.

In his reply on 18,March, director Oshima expressed gratitude for the concern and condolences by President Guo Xiling and colleagues in CRSRI. He said that the catastrophe had brought about inestimable losses, with ever increasing number of victims and devastating impact reaching from surrounding areas including Tokyo to the whole country. Nonetheless, he said, it was fortunate that all staff of CTI including those in the northeast branch were confirmed safe and gradually resumed their work.

According to director Oshima, the quake-hit area and even the whole country are facing plenty of difficulties. All staff of CTI will pull together to contribute to the reconstruction and development of Japan.