CRSRI delegation participates in the Fourth Yangtze Forum

Source:River Department Author:Liu Tonghuan Date:2011-04-28

The Fourth Yangtze Forum, jointly hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Government and Yangtze Water Resources Commission, was held in Nanjing from 18th to 19th April 2011.

The forum, with the theme of “Yangtze River and Its Regional Development”, is composed of Summit Forum and 5 sub-forums. The sub-forums individually focused on the subjects of Integrated River Basin Management and Practice, River Regime Control and Riverfront Utilization, Climate Change and Water Resources, Protection and Restoration of Aquatic Ecology, and Corporate Engagement Session. the sub-forum of “River Regime Control and Riverfront Utilization” was jointly undertaken by Jiangsu Water Resources Department, Changjiang Institute of Survey Planning Design and Research along with Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI).

A group of nine from CRSRI, including Vice President Lu Jinyou, Vice Chief Engineer Dong Yaohua, Director of River Research Institute Fan Beilin, Deputy Director Yao Shiming and Chief Engineer Lin Musong, attended the Summit Forum and the sub-forum of “River Regime Control and Riverfront Utilization”. Lu Jinyou gave the keynote speech of “Bank-line Development and Utilization of the Middle and Lower Yangtze River Mainstream”. Lin Musong made a statement on “the Features of Recent Evolution of Yangtze River Jiangsu section and Taming Thoughts”. 14 research papers were submitted by the CRSRI .

Through discussion and exchange with other paricipants, the delegation had a more profound understanding of all related topics, including the opportunities of Yangtze River water conservation generated by No. 1 Central Document, Yangtze River and regional development, the Yangtze River harnessing, development and protection, as well as watershed management and regional management. The solid working relationship established with other participants laid a good foundation for further interaction and collaboration.