The Scientific Investigation of CRSRI in Source of Changjiang River and Lancang River has been Successfully Completed

Source:CRSRI Author:luo Xue Date:2012-09-05

Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI) have went through no less than 3700 kilometers to make an on-the-spot investigation on the river source area of Changjiang River and Lancang River on the following issues such as river channel morphology, hydrological sediment, the transformation of water resources as well as its exploitation and utilization, the current situation and causes of water and soil erosion, ecological regime of water environment, geology and geomorphology from 27th July to 8th August in 2012. Many advanced equipments and measures, like satellite remote sensing, UAV and laser relocation measuring system, had been applied to collect the water sample, bottom mud, zoobenthos, plankton and specimen of fish of eight reaches and wet lands including Zaduo, Nangqian, Tongtian River, Chuma’er River, Tuotuo River, Longbao wetland, etc.. The information of each rive reach like river width, offshore flow velocity, river load, species of bank vegetation, soil erosion and geography has been measured and sampled.

This activity, which is an extension of the integrated survey in the river source by Changjiang Water Resources Commission(CWRC) in 2010, possesses the top rank in the 61-year history of CRSRI in terms of scale, time span, distance of journey, fulfillment and number of approaches. The director of CWRC spoke highly of this investigation and sent letter for congratulation. She wished CRSRI would make a greater contribution to the protection of ecological environment in the river source area and the water conservancy of Changjiang River on the basis of this scientific expedition. 

Members of Scientific Expedition