Dr. Guo Xiling Headed Delegation Carrying out Academic Exchange in USA

Source:CRSRI Author:Xia Yuqiang Date:2015-10-23

At the invitation of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), the president of CRSRI, Dr. GuoXiling, heading a delegation of “the Basin Water Ecological Environment Management and Protection Technology” visited NJIT, the Headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) from Sept. 21 to Sept. 25, 2015.The mission of the delegation is to discuss specific cooperative affairs on carrying out the agreement signed in 2014 between CRSRI and NJIT, focus on the specific project on talent training and education, technology exchanges, project application and other issues of common interest.
On Sept.21, the delegation visited NJIT and had a meeting with the president and experts of NJIT, both sides exchanged the ideas on implementation of the agreement during next three years, especially personnel training, academic exchange, building of a joint innovation research team and applications for associated international cooperative projects.
On Sept.22, the delegation experts attended a Workshop on “Managing the Yangtze Watershed, China: Focus on Ecology and Water Technology” jointly sponsored by NJIT and other institutes from New York and Pennsylvania States. Dr. GuoXiling, delegation members and American experts gave presentation separately, and the Director of Center for Natural Resources Development and Protection (NRDP) of NJIT, Dr. Michel Boufadel, hosted the workshop. The presentations and discussion addressed advanced technologies, water resources management, water treatment, water ecological restoration, freshwater ecosystems, groundwater monitoring and remediation, and shale gas development within the overall context of “Changjiang River Economic Zone” and “One Belt and One Road”.

After visiting NJIT, the delegation visited the NSF, EPA and NAS from Sept. 23 to Sept. 24. During this visit, the delegation had a successful communication with these agencies on the river basin management, water ecology protection technology and the application of international cooperation projects.
Through the  visit, the strategic cooperation between CRSRI and NJIT has been effectively promoted, the connections with the NSF and other relevant institutions has been established, which laid a solid foundation for carrying out staff training, technology exchange and international cooperation with these institutions in the future.